KRÖGER Greifertechnik

KRÖGER Greifertechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully developing, designing and manufacturing extremely robust, long-lasting two- and multi-shell grabs for the national and international market for over five decades.

The product range of the Sonsbeck grab specialist covers all grab types in almost all designs and sizes. Thanks to wear-resistant materials, sophisticated detail designs and high-performance technology, the products of KRÖGER Greifertechnik stand for a high level of reliability and economy.

From the smallest hydraulic series grabs to the application-specific large grabs for excavators, dredgers and crane systems, KRÖGER Greifertechnik provides outstanding handling performance in all application areas with competence, innovation and quality.

Key industries

  • Sand and gravel industry
  • Waste and recycling industry
  • Sea and inland ports/port transshipments
  • Steelworks/Scrap handling
  • Combustion plants for substitute fuels

Areas of expertise

  • Rope grabs
  • Motor grabs
  • Hydraulic grabs
  • Special grabs, e.g. wood grabs, tongs, various special lifting devices and grabs
  • Underwater grabs
  • Service, repair and general overhaul for grabs of all brands